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Travel Around Costa Rica

Is dedicated to provide you quality information, excellent customer service, and customised advice relating the vacations you always dream of, along with a team fully trained in knowledge and language.

Travelling in Costa Rica is what the founder Orlando Vargas has done over the past 20 years, Travel Around Costa Rica wants to offer the opportunity to experience Costa Rica in full: its landscapes, its nature, its people and culture. All trips are carefully designed to provide its customers with unforgettable experiences.

The itineraries are designed to fulfill the needs and desires of our audience, always thinking in your comfort and enjoyment, Guided Tours and Custom Tours are intended to be a learning experience for our customers.

Guided tours and customised tours are created to be a learning and amazing experience, so we strongly recommend you to relax and leave us the task to create the trip you are dreaming of.

Our Mission

To provide itineraries tailored to make you enjoy Costa Rica, taking you to places and teaching things you would have never considered before.

Our Vision

Expanding the understanding of the world around us to provide life-changing travel experiences we are dedicated to provide meaningful vacations. To be right by your side when you travel to make sure your trip runs smoothly.

Our Guides

We believe it is not only what you see but with the new eyes you see it with. The guides are the ones that open your eyes to the wonders of your trip. They are experienced natives that will introduce you to the marvels of nature.

We have worked with experienced naturalist guides for many years and we have identified those we trust and know that will make their best effort to help you have a great experience.

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