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Family Travel

Looking for a family-friendly summer vacation destination?

Family travel is changing as the demographics of families change around the world. Traveling families today could be single moms or dads with one or more children, multi-generational families, families with two dads or two moms, and more. According to recent travel industry research, 80% of families want to try new destinations and 75% want to make sure that destination is easy to reach. And with today's modern family's schedule-packed lives, they are looking to spend time together enjoying new experiences and activities that satisfy every member of the group.

Costa Rica offers an incredible, interactive real-life classroom for you and your kids. Positioned between the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea, in the Central American isthmus, this tiny yet incredibly diverse country is a paradise to enjoy an exceptional tropical vacation. Here you have so much to experience and learn - vast biodiversity, rainforest, cloud forest, tropical dry and wet forest, volcanoes, beaches, rivers, mangrove estuaries, and wetlands. The list is long and varied. Tourism is the number one industry, so its safe and easy to get around, especially with English being widely spoken in tourism areas; yet at the same time, the country retains its Central American charm.

Talk together as a family about where you're going and what to expect.

Let every member of the family choose one thing that they'd like to do on your family vacation, and make it special. Be prepared with what documents, visas, insurance, medicines, etc. you need.

Do you wonder when is the best time to travel to Costa Rica?

Well! As soon as you can get here!

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