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Sport Fishing

Costa Rica will turn you on to the best fresh and salt-water fishing!!!

Giant marlin, sailfish beyond number, high-jumping tarpon, record-class snook and a dozen or more hard hitting fresh water species... Costa Rica has them all!

Fishing just doesn't get any better than you will find in friendly, peaceful Costa Rica, and because this is a small nation, it's possible to enjoy it all on a single visit, perhaps with a day of white water rafting and tours to a volcano and rain forest thrown in.

If this is your first trip to Costa Rica, you're in for a treat. Incredible geographical beauty, breathtaking wildlife diversity and an engaging, friendly populace are just a few of the ingredients that have made this a favorite vacation destination for so many

The fishing areas on both coasts are serviced by regularly scheduled in-country airlines and charter flights. There is always plenty of action someplace in the country, but it varies with migratory patterns, seasons and prevailing wind, weather, currents, and other natural conditions at any given time.

Sport fishing in Costa Rica provides a mixture of sensations that motivates those who seek wild emotions. The sea, the fishing rod, the beautiful views and the company of friends, all together make one of the most intense and pleasurable experiences. The main fishing method currently used is the catch and release system, which consists precisely in releasing the fish after it's captured.

We are committed to quality and service to guarantee you a great trip and of course, it is our desire that you can live the Fishing Adventure of your lifetime!

Sport fishing in Costa Rica is the adrenaline rush you've been looking for!

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