Day tours from La Fortuna

Mistico Hanging Bridges

Price per person


Departure place

La Fortuna hotels

Departure time

7:30 a.m.

Tour duration

4 hours


Suitable for all ages

Join our Mistico Hanging Bridges Tour and have a blast exploring the rainforest!

The Mistico Hanging Bridges Tour will take you into a Forest Reserve, an expansive protected area. A rainforest realm that you will witness from bottom to top.

From the start, you can feel the pure air and have a beautiful glance at the exotic plants and the thick forest around the entrance.
Next, we will get to the bridges for a unique experience. Here, you will have a slow and relaxing walk through the trail. Six of the bridges hang high over the treetops, and some others are fixed to the ground.

During this walk, you will have the chance to spot countless animal species, among them the legendary three-toed sloth and the evasive spider monkey. The suspended bridges are very high. Therefore, you will also be in touch with the home to a wide diversity of birds, insects, and snakes, such as the unique Mica Pajarera.

The rainforest has three levels: the treetops, the understory, and the forest floor, and you will experience the three of them, the different fauna and flora of them all.
It is a stunning biological corridor.

In your Mistico Hanging Bridges Tour, your adrenaline gets pumping as you walk through the treetops on the highest trail. You will be exploring the fantastic rainforest from different points of view. Nevertheless, you can get a sense of relaxation in the fixed bridges as well.
In conclusion, this is a perfect chance for you to take a break from your daily life.

The Mistico Hanging Bridges Tour is suitable for all ages. So you can bring your family with you on a safe and fun walk throughout this natural wonder.
Finally, your transportation will be waiting for you at the end of the tour, where you will enjoy a delicious snack of fruit. After this, we will return to La Fortuna town.


The combination of natural trails and hanging bridges


Entrance fee

Experienced bilingual guide


Mineral bottled water

What to bring



Rain coat


Hiking shoes