A new system for arrivals at Juan Santamaría International (SJO) aims to help travelers as they exit Costa Rica’s busiest airport.

Aeris, which operates SJO, placed barriers to stop crowding as passengers depart the terminal building. Instead of the throngs of people that are so typical at the airport, travelers can now expect an organized area for tour operators and taxi drivers, and a separate “meet and greet” zone for loved ones.

“This provisional measure seeks to generate greater order when the passenger arriving in the country leaves the air terminal,” said Juan Belliard, director of Operations of Aeris.

Illustration showing the new arrivals area at SJO.

In the context of the coronavirus pandemic, the waiting spaces for taxi drivers and tour operators have been defined to promoting physical distancing.

“The tour operators or shuttles area will have 16 marks of physical distance, the airport taxi drivers will have 15 spaces, and the family or friends area will have 29 marks that indicate the distance. All people must wear masks,” Belliard said.

This new process began on February 1 and will be enforced until further notice.

Recommendations for the passenger arrival area

Aeris suggests that family or friends arrive 15 minutes before the flight is scheduled to land. At the entrance door, relatives must provide the security officer with the flight information of the passenger for whom they are waiting.

This will be verified against the list of arrivals, and the relative/friend will be allowed to enter, capacity permitting.