One Day Tours in Costa Rica and from the best locations is a marvelous solution to get to see and understand the magnificent nature and adventure you are experiencing.

Day tours from the best locations in Costa Rica are a must, and we have the most suitable for each person who comes our way.

Either if you want to have a private new adventure with your loved ones or  meeting other travelers in an open tour, you will delight in the fantastic Costa Rican landscapes en route

One Day tours in Costa Rica

Among the best one day tours in Costa Rica are the ones you find in the surroundings of the capital city. With a great array of different activities, from the center of the country, you can go to the beach one day and go up the mountains on the next!

One Day tours in Costa Rica

Some of the most popular one day tours in our country are in the area of the North and especially in the Arenal Volcano. Fascinating rainforests, thrilling adventures, and breathtaking sights await you in this magnificent location!

One Day tours in Costa Rica

If you want to enjoy the beach but have an active vacation the best choice is to take the best one-day tours in Costa Rica and the North Pacific. From leisure trips into amazing hot springs surrounded by wilderness to adrenaline-pumped adventures, the golden coast of Costa Rica has it all!

Why do I want to take one day tours in Costa Rica?

Because they are the way to experience some of the most popular activities, hands-on experiences, learn about the country you are visiting, and get to meet the nicest people.

Here we will give you some reasons why you want to take one day tours in Costa Rica:

  1. Safety

When you take a tour with a certified company, you know you will be safe in all possible ways. From the vehicle’s cleanliness to the insurance policies, we cover all corners, and you will not even notice how secure the whole experience is.

2. Tour Guides

We are tour guides. And we believe that a tour guide can undoubtedly make a difference when you are having a tour that lasts one day. Not only the capacity to communicate in your language but beyond. A tourists guide will reach the unique and the different wherever you go. Our tour guides are the most knowledgeable and some of the most passionate naturalists in Costa Rica.

3. Vehicles

Our cars are safe, insured, and very comfortable. One of the things we realize about traveling through Costa Rica is that there is a lot of time spent on the road, and the driving time is spent looking at amazing landscapes and in a most comfortable car.

4. We know Costa Rica

We are locals and we know some of the best-hidden spots, picturesque roads, and useful shortcuts.